Why Nollywood Movies are Winning the Hearts of Nigerians Living Abroad

Nollywood France photos


Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, is increasingly becoming popular among Nigerians living abroad. The industry has taken the world by storm with its unique style of storytelling, cultural values, and language. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Nigerians living abroad love to watch Nollywood movies and why the industry is gaining more recognition globally.

The Cultural Connection:

Nollywood movies are a reflection of Nigerian culture, tradition, and societal norms. Nigerians living abroad often feel disconnected from their roots and find it challenging to maintain their cultural identity. Watching Nollywood movies is a way for them to reconnect with their cultural heritage, familiarize themselves with the Nigerian way of life, and feel closer to their homeland.

Family Values:

Nollywood movies often emphasize the importance of family, respect for elders, and the power of unity. For Nigerians living abroad, these movies help them to maintain their connection with their families and remind them of the importance of these values. Watching Nollywood movies is a way for them to stay connected with their families back home and to reinforce the values that they hold dear.


One of the unique features of Nollywood movies is that they are made in local Nigerian languages, with English subtitles. This is a huge advantage for Nigerians living abroad who speak different Nigerian languages. Watching Nollywood movies allows them to stay connected with their language, learn new phrases and expressions, and maintain their proficiency in speaking their native language.

The Power of Entertainment:

Nollywood movies are entertaining and fun to watch. They provide a sense of escapism from the daily grind of life and allow viewers to relax and unwind. The movies are often filled with drama, suspense, and humor, which makes them enjoyable for people of all ages.

Global Recognition:

Over the years, Nollywood movies have gained global recognition and have been shown at international film festivals. The industry has produced some talented actors, directors, and filmmakers who are making a name for themselves on the global stage. The popularity of Nollywood movies is not limited to Nigerians living abroad, but to a wider audience who appreciate the unique style of storytelling and the cultural values that they represent.


In conclusion, the love for Nollywood movies among Nigerians living abroad is not surprising. The movies are a way for them to maintain their cultural identity, stay connected with their families, learn their native language, and to be entertained. The industry has come a long way and has gained recognition globally. Nollywood movies have played a significant role in the lives of Nigerians living abroad and will continue to do so in the future.